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Develop a thorough understanding of military history and global conflict by earning your Master of Arts in Military History online from Norwich University. Designed as a comprehensive examination of global military history, this highly regarded online master’s degree improves on your proficiency as a historian, and places our world’s military achievements and conflicts in chronological, geographical, political and economic context.

What Makes Norwich’s Online Masters in Military History Unique?
Norwich University’s Masters in Military History takes an unbiased and global approach towards exploring military thought, theory and engagement across our planet, and throughout recorded history. Study the intricacies of military thought to develop a clear picture of how conflicts start, how wars are fought, and the multitude of factors that can contribute to victory or lead to defeat.

  • Study the history of warfare from the ancient world through the present day
  • Examine the socioeconomic and cultural factors that affect military thought
  • Explore different theaters of conflict including: America, Asia, Africa, Latin America and China
  • Gain strategic perspective from history’s greatest military theoreticians and tacticians
  • Discover the evolution of modern war, from revolution to total war

Benefits of an Online Master of Military History from Norwich University

  • Build a wide base of historical knowledge in the field of military history
  • Improve your historical insight, research, writing, analysis and presentation skills
  • Enjoy small class sizes and a direct connection to the faculty and other students
  • Complete the program in as few as 18 months while staying active in your current career
  • Learn online and on your schedule through an interactive learning platform

A nationally recognized institution of higher education with a long and proud military history of its own, Norwich University was established in 1819 and is the birthplace of ROTC as well as the first private military college in the United States. Norwich University is regionally accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc., through its Commission on Institutions of Higher Education.

Why Pursue an Online Masters in Military History from Norwich University?
Build your historical acumen by learning to think like a historian, develop your historiographical sensibilities and expand your skills in historical pedagogy. With Norwich University’s online Masters in Military History you’ll go deeper than a standard history lesson to build your awareness of differing historical viewpoints while developing the skills you’ll need to refine your research, writing, analysis and presentation skills.

The unique curriculum of the online Master of Arts in Military History was developed by the distinguished faculty of Norwich University and guided by the goals outlined by the American Historical Association. It is designed to build your historical knowledge and help you improve your professional identity as a historian and expert in military history.

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